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Jamie Thompson
In high school
Class of 2014
Detroit, Michigan
Linda Du
In high school
Class of 2014
Tina Chen
Alhambra High School
Class of 2014
Ross Teixeira
University Of California Uc Berkeley (Ca)
Class of 2017
Riverside, California
Thomas Ray Garcia
Princeton University (Nj)
Class of 2016
Pharr, Texas
Charlene Hwang
Harvard University (Ma)
Class of 2018
Jennifer Phan
University Of Waterloo
Class of 2013
Kenneth Hsia
Bowdoin College (Me)
Andrew Butler
The University Of Texas At Austin
Class of 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana
Chalky is brilliant because it allows for networking on a different scale — for like-minded and maybe even contrasting individuals — so that peers can gain the benefits of experience in their academic and personal lives.
Rohan Nag, Vanderbilt student
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Chalky was founded in 2013 by two Computer Science guys from Stanford University, Isaac Madan and Charlie Yang.

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